The Birth of Double Cross – A Conversation

What started as a journey to find a good pair of jeans at an affordable price without killing the planet led to the creation of Double Cross.

We found super denim brands to be overpriced whilst the commercial denim brands were inconsiderate to both quality and the environment. From all sections of the hierarchy, no brand was appealing to the masses on quality, sustainability and wearability. However, every problem has a solution and out of this: Double Cross was born.

In 2017, our investigation began. We looked into fabric, design, manufacturing procedures and the effects each of these stages have on the environment. After much research and countless dead-ends, we managed to find a factory willing to help make our dream a reality. Our factory only works on sustainable denim and concentrates on maintaining a diverse and moral system of working.

What started as a personal quest to find a pair of jeans has now become a collection. If we wanted an affordable, conscious, quality pair of denims then so must other people. We are a generation with information at our fingertips, allowing us to be considerate and educated in the effects that human life has on the world. We are now able to wear considered denim without feeling guilty about having a negative effect on the environment or worry about breaking the bank.

“Double Cross is the future of denim” 


Our aim is to change the world. We love denim but we also want to save the planet.

We are dedicated to providing superior quality denim and offering sustainable products at a competitive price to allow sustainability to move from an ideal to a lifestyle.

Double Cross denim is made for the modern world; allowing people to stand out from the crowd and be responsible and informed about the world and the effect we have on it.

We continue to develop classic styles with a timeless appeal in order to cater to all your denim needs.

We hope you will love your new jeans.