We have an action plan that results in the reduction of energy consumption, waste generation and helps to minimise current eco-footprints. Let us tell you how this is done:

Our company only uses carefully regulated chemicals and ensures their safe disposal in order to minimise any negative effects on the environment.

Our process includes advanced treatment systems to reduce the amount of waste products produced along with ensuring their safe and responsible disposal.

Our new dyeing method, using eco-friendly sulphur dyes, significantly cuts down the amount of water and energy used. Our innovative process reduces water consumption from 12 litres/kg to 3.5 litres/kg.

We reduce our carbon footprint by optimising our energy usage, recovering and reusing as much heat and energy as possible by way of our state of the art equipment. Our heat recovery systems have helped us to save 27.5 million kilograms of coal.

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Our factory is based in Surat, India and employees over 600 workers who are all dedicated to the quality of their work. Our factory is a specialist for both sustainable denim and piece-dyed fabric solutions. The factory boasts a rich history of over 30 years in textiles and manufacturing.

The factory develops, manufactures and supplies a wide range of high-end sustainable fabrics, such as denim, polyester and nylon yarn. These fabrics are used in various segments such as denim, fashion, work-wear and sports.

Our fabrics are reputed for their sustainability, fashion, function and durability. Constructed using high-quality fibres with formulated recipes; our fabrics are the best in the class. The fabrics are available in a wide range of weights – ranging from ultra-lightweight to heavyweight- and come in a variety of constructions and textures.

The customer and customer satisfaction take centre stage. That means satisfying the customer‘s expectations in terms of products and delivered services. It is a key principle for all employees as they go about their work, whether in production, sales, accounting, customer service, R&D or purchasing. Every employee contributes in their respective field.

We look for fresh ways to deliver better products for various sectors of Textiles that not only meet the specifications but also are economical and ecological. Our in-house design force collaborates quickly; creating thoughtful, beautiful and innovative solutions and the communications devices that carry them to market.

We are making tomorrow happen today.

Factory Infrastructure

Our factory manages the complete industrial chain, overseeing the product from the original fabric to the pair of jeans you will receive from us. We have invested in state-of-the-art facilities that allow us to manage the product from its origins to its final state without having to rely on any external suppliers. This is our process:

Rope Dying - We twist yarns into a rope that is quickly dipped into indigo baths. This is the best method for dying denim as the short dying time stops the indigo fully penetrating the fibres, therefore creating a ring-dying yarn that fades better and faster than a fully dyed yarn.

Weaving - We utilise 100 top of the range looms from Toyota (Japan) and dust filtering systems from Luwa (Switzerland) to contribute to the weaving of a high-quality jean.

●  Printing - Our printing mill was established in 1991 and is equipped with the best printing machinery that the industry has to offer. Our printing mill has pioneered a wide range of new print techniques such as 3D print, shine and glossy print. We also use in-house engraving, allowing us to ensure the high quality of our products without having to outsource.

●  Finishing - We use different types of coatings on our products to ensure their function and durability. We want our jeans to be timeless wardrobe staples, so we build them to last.

Quality Control - Our lab is equipped with the latest technology for quality control

● Testing - We use machinery for fibre ​and yarn testing. We use Paramount to test our dyes, prints and finished fabrics. We use James Heal for our tearing and tensile test. Producing good quality jeans is at the centre of our ethos, so we take every measure possible to ensure their high standard.

What Materials Do We Use?

We believe that being sustainable means we have to be transparent with our consumer about what materials go into our jeans and the impact these materials have on the environment. These are the materials we use:

●  Hemp - Hemp is a natural fibre that is great for the environment as it doesn’t require any pesticides or herbicides to grow. Hemp’s eco-friendly and durable nature makes it the perfect organic material source for our jeans.

●  Organic Cotton - The growth of our organic cotton replenishes and maintains soil fertility along with expanding biologically diverse agriculture therefore preventing the need for any toxic fertilisers or pesticides.

●  Fairtrade Cotton - Our fairtrade cotton shines the light on the neglected farmers at the end of a long cotton textile supply chain. We work with Fairtrade to guarantee a fair and stable income for our farmers.

●  Refibra Lyocell - RefibraTM is a product of wood pulp and recycled cotton taken from sustainably managed forests. This material provides fabric that maintains sustainable standards without sacrificing quality.

●  Recycled Polyester - Our polyester is made entirely of recycled plastic fibres, meaning that we don’t have to use any petroleum as a raw material for our fabric needs. Recycling materials allows us to cut down on waste whilst maintaining quality.

●  Tencel Lyocell - Tencel Lyocell fibres are used as a material source, made by transforming wood pulp into cellulosic fibres with a low ecological impact. This fabric is breathable and lightweight, keeping your skin feeling cool and dry.

What Technologies Do We Use?

Our innovative technologies allow us to transform our sustainable materials into high-quality pairs of jeans that have the same fit, feel and comfort as traditional denim.

●  Bluesign Standard- We work with bluesign® technologies to re-configure and estimate the reduced resources consumed by our processes, and assist the management of chemicals and fabric treatment used. We are committed to continuously improving the environmental performance of our production process by applying the bluesign system to minimize impacts on the environment.

●  Archroma - Archroma provides us with eco-friendly vibrant dyes in order to create the perfect colours for our jeans. Archroma’s commitment to sustainability and their innovative development of cutting edge dying techniques make them the perfect partner to make our sustainable denim dreams a reality.

●  Lycra - LYCRA dualFX technology is leading the way as the most advanced technology in denim. LYCRA has been developed in response to the increased demand for high-stretch denim fabric that maintains the same comfort and flattering fit of normal denim. This technology combines two special LYCRA®brand fibres into a single yarn: one fibre adds significant stretch to the denim fabric whilst the second fibre ensures that the yarn returns to its original form after the stretch.